Interesting Analysis Of the Washington UFO Photograph Found On A Japanese Web Site

Magic of magic Washington UFO of light << 01.7.30 >> Is insufficient being something which the picture whose evidence as a UFO introduction is minded it does the magic series of light. It is not something which denies all the UFO. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July of 1952 * * 10th, on the 13th, 14 days the pilot witnesses the optical body of the ナゾ at Washington sky. Finally on the 19th it is caught in the radar, in the situation that * * the jet aircraft pursues, It is the photograph that and, this was taken in the night of 19 days. The optical body which unites the formation certainly is caught. But, for the Diet building to be taken this much brightly in the night, exposure of long time is necessary. At that time, the UFO means to be stationary. If this is fact, it probably is, in * * to be witnessed in many people UFO disturbance in Washington pursuit incident which appears, that photograph * * be sure to be suitable

To tell the truth, this photograph, it is not something which copies the UFO, the light/write it is something which copies the Diet building which was raised and it does. And, trimming the part of the optical body, it was introduced. Natural shape of the optical body was copied in the original photograph. That is the street foreward the * * Diet building.

When you see carefully, the air which has been similar to the UFO strangely does this arrangement. When and 180 degrees UFO parts it reverses, * * The optical body where central two slips and, please pay attention to the similarity of the street where two slips. In other words 180 degrees being like the street which reverses, it does this UFO.

Then, when the point of each light is tied in the straight line, * * How, you tie point and have been categorized to the top and bottom object. This is the magic of the light which can be explained with the ghost of the lens.

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