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What was it that crashed into a trailer park in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1995?

What crashed into several trailer homes and set them on fire according to eye witnesses?

And what was the glowing projectile caught on video heading up towards the alleged "fireball" as it descended over Windsor?


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A frame-by-frame animation using clips from the actual footage was created  to reduce download time and enable larger images and greater detail than can be obtained with an AVI.  The animation is still quite large and takes a while to load.  Please be patient - it's worth the wait. 

To view the animated version of the actual footage CLICK HERE.

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Bystanders inspect mobile home destroyed by fire and/or alleged "fireball" (above).

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Burnt remains of mobile home (above).  Note collapsed roof at far right while walls remain basically intact.

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University student searching through burned out mobile home for evidence of a fireball (above).  Note collapsed roof at far right.  Could something have crashed into it causing the roof to collapse or was this a result of the fire?

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(Above) People looking at damage done by alleged "fireball".   Wonder what is under the blue tarp over the truck in background?  Fire department was reported to have retrieved something but this was later denied.

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