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October 25, 1999

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Image #1

Multiple objects near a contrail?

Answer: Birds (video still)

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Image #2

Delta-shaped objects near spreading contrails?

Answer: Birds (video still)  Anytime one points a camera at the sky and clicks the shutter or films, that person is capturing images of objects both near and far away over an area covering dozens of square miles.  At any given time of the day (or night) there are dozens of naturally occurring objects and conventional aircraft of all shapes and sizes flying around in the air space being photographed.  To capture images of birds, bugs, debris, lens flare and conventional aircraft is quite easy and a more rational explanation for what is observed in resulting footage and photographs than to assume the images are "UFO's" from another planet or dimension or some kind of secret, man-made technology.

Image #3

A "delta-shaped" object in Image #2 enlarged.

Answer: Bird

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Image #4

What is this object near a contrail?

Answer: Bird (video still)

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Image #5

Is this a black saucer?

Answer: Bird.

Image #6

"Black saucer" in Image #5 enlarged.

Answer: Image of bird frozen in flight. (video still)

Compare to images at: - Pictures titled: "Santa Monica 3/12/00"

ship.JPG (13525 bytes)

Image #7

What is this glowing object in the contrails?

Image #8

"Glowing object" in Image #7 enlarged.

See animation made from video stills of this object on page 3.

Answer: This is a plane.  I filmed it as it approached Dallas Love Field Airport.  As the plane turned to the south, it no longer resembled a plane and reflected the sunlight causing it to appear as a bright, silver, glowing object in the sky.  Footage taken before this footage/still clearly shows it to be a plane.  If someone only reviewed the last portion of the video or a photograph taken at this point, they might jump to the conclusion that the object was some kind of UFO or "unknown", mislabel it as such and mislead others into believing it was something other than a conventional, man-made (or woman-made) aircraft.

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Image #9

Contrails. (video still)

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