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October 25, 1999

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barrel.JPG (11504 bytes)

Image #1

What is this barrel-shaped object?

Answer: Bug (video still)

Image #2

"Barrel-shaped" object in Image #1 enlarged and "enhanced"/manipulated. 

Answer: Bug. 

The "vapor" around it?

Pixel dropout.

Compare to images at:


craft.JPG (10259 bytes)

Image #3

Is this some kind of projectile near a contrail?

Answer:  This was a bug in flight - obvious on the video tape from which this still was taken. (video still)  I have dozens of images similar to this one and it is easy to tell it is a bug by viewing the object and it's flight characteristics in the video sequences.

mantra.JPG (11738 bytes)

Image #4

What is this manta-shaped object?

Answer: Image of bird frozen in flight. (video still)

Image #5

"Manta-shaped" object enlarged, solarized and "enhanced"/manipulated.

Answer: Image of bird frozen in flight.

Compare to images at:

"Vapors" around the bird?

Pixel dropout.

Image #6

What is this delta-shaped object with contrail and the diamond shaped saucer in the upper right-hand corner?

Answer: The "delta-shaped" object is a bird in front of a contrail and the "diamond-shaped saucer" in the upper right-hand corner is lens flare. (video still)

Image #7

"Delta-shaped" object in Image #6 enlarged.

Answer: Bird.

many.JPG (13400 bytes)

Image #8

Multiple delta-shaped objects in an expanding contrail?

Answer: Birds flying overhead. (video still)

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