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May 28, 2000

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Image #1

Is this a cloaking ship near an expanding contrail?

Answer: Lens flare.

While it may be technically OK to describe the "cloaking ship" as appearing "near" an expanding contrail, the implication is that the alleged object was also physically located near the contrail - that is, at a very high altitude - at the time the footage/photograph was produced.  It is the responsibility of the researcher, author, photographer to label his or her footage and/or photographs as objectively as possible to avoid misleading and subtly influencing viewers/readers.  

It is the responsibility of the viewer/observer/reader to be always watchful for subjective/misleading labeling and other terms/techniques intentionally or unintentionally used to bias/influence the viewer/reader in such a way as to cause the viewer/reader to agree with the bias and contentions held by the researcher, author, and/or photographer.  Just because an author/photographer includes a disclaimer with his or her photographs, claims, theories, etc. does not automatically exempt them from their responsibility to follow ethical standards of accuracy and accountability in research and research reporting.

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Image #2

Enlargement of Image #1 of "cloaking ship" near a contrail.

Answer: Lens flare.

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Image #3

Saucers everywhere!

Answer: All lens flare.

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Image #4

Enlarged Image #3 of "saucers" near expanding contrail.

Answer: Lens flare.

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Image #5

Negative of close-up of  Image #4 of "saucers" near expanding contrail.

Answer: Lens flare.

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Image #6

What is this silver, double-disk object near a contrail?

Answer: Another form of lens flare.

fattraillg.jpg (10434 bytes)

Image #7

Close-up of silver, "double-disk" object near contrail.

Note the "saucer" "hiding" in the contrail.

Answer: Both are lens flare.

fattraillgn.jpg (10425 bytes)

Image #8

Negative of close-up Image #6 of silver, "double-disk" object near contrail.

fattraillge.jpg (11030 bytes)

Image #9

Close-up of Image# 6 of silver, "double-disk" object near contrail embossed.

fattraillgs.jpg (19487 bytes)

Image #10

Solarized close-up of  Image #6 of silver, "double-disk" object near contrail.

Answer: Lens flare solarized.

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