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May 28, 2000

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Image #1

What is this projectile or rod-like object flying through a spreading contrail?

And what are those three blue saucers near the bottom of the picture and the bright, glowing saucer hiding in the contrail near the top of the picture?!!

Answer:  The "projectile" or "rod-like" object is an insect flying in front of the camera. 

The three "blue saucers" and the "glowing saucer" are lens flare.

(See Sequence below)

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Image #2

"Projectile" or "rod" flies closer to contrail?

Answer: Insects cannot fly at the same altitudes at which contrails form.  The insect only appears to be flying near the contrail because it is between the camera and the contrail.

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Image #3

"Projectile" or "rod" flies through the contrail?

Answer: The insect ("projectile", "rod") only seems to be flying through the contrail because it blends in with the color of the contrail as it flies between the camera and the contrail giving the illusion that it is flying through the contrail in this video still (same illusion appears in photographs).  

I have observed this same effect many times while filming/photographing birds, bugs, debris and other objects in the sky.  Birds, bugs, debris and conventional aircraft can seem to "disappear" when filmed/photographed in front of a background of similar color or seem to go "through" a cloud or contrail when the object is no where near the cloud or contrail.  It is only blending in with the background.  This is not "camouflage", it is an optical illusion. (Having just written an extensive book based on years of research of many forms of camouflage I know the difference.)

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Image #4

"Projectile" or "rod" on the other side of the contrail.

Answer: Insect continues in it's flight path.

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Image #5

"Projectile" or "rod" flies past the three "blue saucers" and flies off.

Answer:  There never were any "projectiles", "rods" , or "blue saucers" in this video sequence.  It was a bug flying between the camera and the contrail in the background with four lens flare artifacts caught on film. 

It is easy to see how such events may be misinterpreted when not observed at the time the footage was taken and found later while searching the footage frame-by-frame.  I have dozens of such sequences that could be presented as evidence of "UFO's" when taken out of context.  But by viewing the entire segment at normal speed and in it's entirety, one can easily see it was an insect and the blue "saucers" were lens flare.

Compare to images at:










contrailsun.JPG (14354 bytes)

Image #6

What has appeared before my camera?!!

Answer:  Oops.  I know better than to aim my camera at the sun.  This was an accident.  However, this image provides an excellent opportunity to observe some of the varied effects that can be caused by sunlight on a camera lens and how claimed encounters with the "supernatural" are interpreted according to personal bias.  

If I claimed the sun was in another location when I filmed this image, some would believe my claims not because of the visual "evidence" but because they want to believe.  Those wanting to believe it was a an angel that appeared before me might see wings and even a halo should I point them out (can you see them?).  Or those wanting to believe it was an enlightened alien that appeared before me in a ball of light would see large, almond-shaped eyes and large head of an alien (just above the bright center light).  Still others might see UFO's hiding in and around chemtrails if I claimed I was filming a contrail next to the sun (see the white line to the left of the sun?). 

Which "truth" do you see?

2000 A. Hebert

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