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May 28, 2000

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barrel2.JPG (13328 bytes)

Image #1

What is this barrel-shaped object near a contrail?

Answer: An insect flying between the camera and a contrail. (video still)

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Image #2

Image #1 of a barrel-shaped object near a contrail enlarged.

Compare to images at:

barrel2lg.jpg (5659 bytes)

Image #3

Image #1 of a barrel-shaped object near a contrail enlarged even more.

Answer: Insect flying between the camera and a contrail.

Note the way the wings of the insect appear to take on unusual shapes when frozen in flight. This is not a "barrel-shaped" UFO.  It is a video still of an insect in flight.

barrel2lgneg.jpg (5661 bytes)

Image #5

Negative of Image #3 of barrel-shaped object near a contrail.

Answer: This is an image of an insect.

barrel2emb.jpg (12890 bytes)

Image #6

Embossed and enlarged Image #1 of barrel-shaped object near contrail.

Answer:  Embossing an image only reverses the depth perception of certain hues.  Just because an object seems to "protrude" when embossed does not make it a solid object of greater or lesser size.  Embossing only manipulates the image not what was in the environment when the video/photograph was taken.  Embossing, as with all other special effects, creates false images (optical illusions) but does not necessarily "enhance" or produce greater detail.  

barrel2sol.jpg (13479 bytes)

Image #7

Image #1 of barrel-shaped object near contrail solarized.

Answer:  Again, special effects when applied to an image do not change what the objects actually were when photographed/video taped.  We must keep in mind when manipulating an image using special effects that the image we see is a false image and therefore should not be interpreted as evidence of  "UFO's" or any other phenomenon surrounding UFO's.

This was a flying insect that only appears "barrel-shaped" when video taped and frozen in flight but was not actually "barrel shaped" in reality.  Labeling the object in question as "barrel shaped" is misleading and subjective.  Nor was this insect anywhere "near" a contrail as insects cannot fly at altitudes at which contrails form.  Describing the "barrel shaped" object as appearing "near" a contrail implies the object was flying at very high altitudes which is misleading and inaccurate.

barrel2lgnhwx.jpg (8684 bytes)

Image #8

Image #3 of barrel-shaped object near contrail hot waxed.

Answer: Applying a special effect such as "hot waxing" an image can make an object appear bigger than it actually was and further distort the interpretation of what was captured on film.

Describing objects as "barrel-shaped", "rods", "discs", "saucers", "hockey pucks", "UFO's", etc., asking leading questions, enlarging images and using special effects may influence the viewer/reader to believe there is something paranormal involved in an image even when nothing paranormal is actually involved.  Whether the influence is intentional or accidental, subtle hints are conveyed as to what one is encouraged to see and believe.

2000 A. Hebert

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