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May 28, 2000

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Image #1

Is this a white saucer?

Answer: This was a plane reflecting sunlight.  I video taped it as it was flying off in the distance and took a frame from the video footage at the point where the plane was reflecting the most light from the sun.  When it was not reflecting the light from the sun, the plane seemed to "disappear" or fade into the background but was still there and later re-appeared when it reflected the sunlight again.

Claims are being made on the internet that similar objects observed to "wink in" and "wink out" may be camouflaged secret technology.  I have watched, video taped and photographed this phenomenon dozens and dozens of times as conventional aircraft turn in different directions alternately reflecting and not reflecting the sunlight and/or flying in and out of the haze that occurs at many different altitudes - especially near large cities (but also in rural areas).  Anyone with adequate eyesight and sufficient patience can observe this occur time and time again as airplanes and jets flying at high and low altitudes turn in different directions.  Just because one loses sight of an aircraft flying at high altitudes or coming in to land at a nearby airport does not indicate the use of camouflage or any other "high tech" technology.  There are many forms of camouflage and it is highly unlikely that anyone will see a camouflaged craft when it is really camouflaged (CC&D).  And even if one does see a camouflaged craft, chances are they wouldn't know it if they did.  

(Reference: The Pretenders: UFO's And Camouflage, By Amy Hebert, M.Ed. - New book soon to be released)

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Image #2

Image #1 of a "white saucer" enlarged.

Answer: A plane reflecting sunlight

shinedotlgn.jpg (4407 bytes)

Image #3

The negative of Image #2 of a "white saucer".

Answer: A plane reflecting sunlight

shinedotlge.jpg (4491 bytes)

Image #4

Image #2 of a "white saucer" embossed.

Answer: A plane reflecting sunlight

shinedotlgs.jpg (4685 bytes)

Image #5

Image #2 of a "white saucer" solarized.

Answer: A plane reflecting sunlight

shinedotlgwx.jpg (6827 bytes)

Image #6

Image #2 of a "white saucer" hot waxed.

Answer: A plane reflecting sunlight

Note how any object photographed from a distance, frozen in flight, taken out of context, given a mysterious label, and manipulated with special effects can seem like anything from a UFO to the Loch Ness monster.  The mind can be led in many directions by mere suggestion and digital manipulation.

stoptrail.JPG (20074 bytes)
Image #7

Contrail which stops at the edge of a cloud.

I noticed this which filming contrails overhead and video taped the event.  The contrail going through the cloud stops at the edge of the cloud not because the pilot turned any "spray" off but because - like the rest of the cloud - the atmosphere in which the condensation occurred stopped at that point.

two.JPG (14272 bytes)

Image #8

Two white hockey pucks in the sky?

Answer: White birds flying at a distance.

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Image #9

White "hockey pucks" in Image #8 circled.Answer: White birds flying at a distance.

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