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May 22, 2000

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dot.jpg (13367 bytes)

Image #1

What is this object just under the contrails near the setting sun?

Answer: Bird. (photograph)

dotemb.jpg (13885 bytes)

Image #2

Image of object near contrails at sunset embossed.

dotneg.jpg (12985 bytes)

Image #3

Negative of image of object near contrails at sunset.

Answer: Still a bird.

orb.jpg (8933 bytes)

Image #4

What are these white "orbs" in the pinkish contrails at sunset?

(Persistent contrails tend to turn a bright pink when reflecting the setting sun.)

Answer: White birds. (photograph)

orba.jpg (8945 bytes)

Image #5

orbemb.jpg (9530 bytes)

Image #6

Image of "white orbs" among contrails at sunset embossed.

Answer: These were birds.  Birds cannot fly "among" or even "near" contrails as contrails occur at altitudes too high for birds to fly.  These terms used in association with terms such as "white orbs", etc. imply these objects were higher than they actually were and subliminally influence observers/readers to interpret images presented according to the personal bias of the author and/or photographer.  If the observer/reader already shares similar beliefs to that of the author and/or photographer, he or she will more readily accept  the claims of the author/photographer without question.

pucks.jpg (16091 bytes)

Image #7

More "hockey pucks" below contrails at sunset?

Answer: Birds. (photograph)

pucksemb.jpg (16607 bytes)

Image #8

Image of "hockey pucks" at sunset embossed.

puckssol.jpg (15465 bytes)

Image #9

Image of "hockey pucks" at sunset solarized.

Answer: They are still birds.

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