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May 12, 2000

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hooka.jpg (11870 bytes)

Image #1

What is this "tube-like" object among the spreading contrails?

Looks like someone up there fishing. <grin>

Answer: Emulsion defect. (photograph)

hooklg.jpg (4203 bytes)

Image #2

Image of "tube-like" object in Image #1 enlarged.

hooklgneg.jpg (4203 bytes)

Image #3

Negative of image of "tube-like" object in Image #2. 

hooklgemb.jpg (4175 bytes)

Image #4

Image of "tube-like" object in Image #2 embossed.

hooksol.jpg (11773 bytes)

Image #5

Image of "tube-like" object in Image #1 solarized.

Image #3b

Image of "tube-like" object enlarged 500 times.

Answer: Emulsion defect.

Compare to images at: - Pictures titled: "Objects Falling From Contrail?"


triangles1.jpg (11968 bytes)

Image #6

What are these delta or manta-shaped objects among the contrails?   One object seems to be making a contrail of its own. ?

Answer: All 4 objects are birds. I aimed my camera at them deliberately and clicked the shutter.  As far as I know birds do not make contrails.  This is only an illusion created by one bird flying in front of a contrail at the time the photograph was taken.  (photograph)

Compare to images at:

triangles1a.jpg (12355 bytes)

Image #7


triangles1neg.jpg (11730 bytes)

Image #8

Negative of "delta" or "manta" shaped objects in Image #6.

triangles1emb.jpg (13573 bytes)

Image #9

Image #6 of "delta" or "manta" shaped objects embossed.

Image #10

Image #6 enlarged.

*Note the many different shapes birds in flight can assume in photographs.

Image #11

Image #10 embossed.

Image #12

Image of "delta shaped" object in upper left hand corner of Image #6 enlarged for greater detail.

Answer: The "delta shaped" object is a bird.

*Note pixel drop-out as image is increasingly enlarged.  These are not due to "vapors" around the birds or any kind of "exhaust" or contrail unless they had been eating beans. ;>

Image #13

"Delta shaped" object in Image #12 solarized.

Still a bird.

Image #14

"Manta shaped" object in the lower left hand corner of Image #6 enlarged.

Answer: Bird.

*Note- Even an image of a bird in flight can resemble a manta-shaped object much like the B-2 or a UFO when frozen in flight and taken out of context.

Image #15

Image #14 of a "manta shaped" object solarized.

*Note- This image of a bird in flight looks even more triangular-shaped or manta-shaped when manipulated by solarizing the image. This bird, too, appears to have been eating beans (pixel drop-out).

Compare to images at:


upsaucer.jpg (12389 bytes)

Image #16

Is this an upright saucer, a tube, a rod, or a projectile UFO?

Answer: Emulsion defect. (photograph)

Compare to images at:


upsaucerlg.jpg (4930 bytes)

Image #17

Image #6 of "upright saucer", "tube", "rod", "projectile" enlarged.

upsaucerlgneg.jpg (4921 bytes)

Image #18

Negative of Image #17 of "upright saucer", "tube", "rod", "projectile".

upsaucerlgemb.jpg (4761 bytes)

Image #19

Image #17 of "upright saucer", "tube", "rod", "projectile" embossed.

upsaucerlgsol.jpg (4980 bytes)

Image #20

Image #17 of "upright saucer", "tube", "rod", "projectile" solarized.

Still an emulsion defect caused when the film was developed.

2000 A. Hebert

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