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June 6, 2000

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Image #1


trail4.JPG (19531 bytes)

Image #2

I watched this contrail form and it was one, long contrail then parts of it began to dissipate leaving the "dash-dash" effect (note the fading on each end of the trail).  The pilot did not turn any "spray" or contrail off and on, parts of it simply dissipated.

tri2.JPG (16504 bytes)

Image #3

Delta shaped objects flying in triangular formation (with huge, diamond shaped saucer materializing or de-materializing on the right)?

Answer: Birds in flight.  "Diamond shaped saucer" is lens flare.

tri2lg.jpg (10789 bytes)
Image #4

Image #3 of "delta shaped objects" enlarged.

Answer: Birds in flight.

Note the many shapes the birds assume while in flight.

tri2lgn.jpg (11045 bytes)

Image #5

Negative of Image #4 of "delta shaped objects".

Answer: Birds in flight.

tri2lge.jpg (12373 bytes)

Image #6

Image #4 of "delta shaped objects" embossed.

Answer: Birds in flight.

tri2lgs.jpg (11125 bytes)

Image #7

Image #4 of "delta shaped objects" solarized.

Answer: Birds in flight.

wfoo3.JPG (15471 bytes)

Image #8

More white hockey pucks and delta shaped objects?

Answer: Images of birds frozen in flight.

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