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Identified Flying Objects Database

The photographs and video stills of Identified Flying Objects (I.F.O.'s) on this web site are presented as a research tool for comparison to and analysis of past, present and future video and photographic materials containing  images similar in appearance and nature.


Many natural objects can become unusual looking objects when frozen in time as happens in photographs and/or video stills.   Naturally occurring objects we see every day may seem "unidentified" when reviewing video or photographic images and may seem to "hover" or take on unfamiliar shapes when taken out of context.  Even less can be discerned about very distant objects or bugs, birds and debris flying in front of the camera lens as one films or clicks the shutter. 

In the video stills and photographs presented on this site, I have attempted to share known objects I and others have photographed and video taped as a database by which researchers and investigators can compare similar data and materials containing anomalous images under analysis.