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This excellent research has been included in the IFO Database with permission from 

Gary Burton

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Thank you, Gary!!

Are there Aliens haunting us from a river basin in New Jersey? Entering our world through a little known portal called the 'Vortex'??.........NOT!!!!!

Welcome to 'Orb World'!......



.....Where nearly anyone can find aliens in their own back yard!!

Hello, My name is Garry Burton and I work as a test engineer and service technician for a small contract manufacturer in the Defense, Medical and Oceanographic fields. I have designed and built over a half dozen models of sophisticated detection devices some of which were sold worldwide, including Pulse Induction Metal Locators and a few Proton magnetometers with digital readouts. I currently have a design for an inexpensive weapons detector being filed with the US Patent and Trademark office.

My hobbies include a lot of things but the biggest is science. I also like looking into fringe areas of science with a skeptical but open mind. Technical photography was at one time very big with me. Back in the late 70's I owned 4 Nova high speed 16mm rotary prism cameras capable of up to 10,000 frames per second in registration for projection for slow motion analysis. Today it's a Redlake motionscope 500 high speed video system that scratches this particular itch. There is a high res B&W video camera attached to the side of my house pointed skyward looking for those elusive 'rods' which are supposed to be everywhere. This camera feeds a computer running a capture card and some sophisticated image capturing software to locate images in the video stream which contain fast moving objects. Lots of birds bugs etc. but no 'rods' in 6 months of good weather daylight use. However that's another story. I'm currently looking into those 'Orbs' which are supposed to be haunting the Wanaque river basin in Wanaque New Jersey among many other places. The results I've obtained in my own back yard should speak volumes against the reality of the 'orbs', but I do intend to go there when the weather cools off this fall just so the believers can't accuse me of being lazy.

Please note that the photo's are not to be copied or distributed without permission. Besides, you can take your own so easily there's no need to steal mine!

Although there are some looking into this with a respect for skeptical viewpoints, there is a small but noisy group of 'investigators' at the heart of this non-phenomena. (and it has been my misfortune to have supported one of these individuals in the past, my only mistake being to overestimate their acumen). With the recent threat of a lawsuit against me for what is contained herein, I will be increasing the space needed here to fully expose this topic of 'orbs', which appear in peoples photographs worldwide, for what it is, and be able to post some high resolution pictures. Also, as much of my own documentation I can assemble will be sent to the proper people for review. It is the purpose of this web site to show that there is a reasonable but mundane explanation for these 'orbs' that does not need to invoke spirits or Aliens from another world. In the course of rounding up some gear to head down to Wanaque to look into these allegations myself, I picked up an Olympus D340-R digital camera with integrated flash and set out to my own back yard to just mess around with it a bit and get a feel for using it in the darkness. It was to my great surprise that 25% of the pictures I took had these 'orbs' in them! Now, the odds of there being aliens in my back yard are about a zillion to one against, seeing that there are much more interesting places to go and haunt. This being the case I decided to look for a more reasonable explanation and found it in the form of dust particles well inside of 1 foot from the camera and out of focus. The very intense light from the flashlamp located only an inch and a quarter away from the lens was highlighting any crap floating around close by. As an experiment I returned to the house and brought out a light colored dry bath towel and gave it a hearty snap and waited a few seconds before taking a picture. Swarms of 'orbs' were the result! One even appeared to be jumping around or traveling at a high speed and 'strobing', just like those on the 'investigators' websites. At first I thought this 'high speed' orb was a particle ionized and deflected from the ultraviolet in the flash, but then decided to try another shot using some dog hair sprinkled in front of the camera lens. Now, there is nothing special about dog hair. This was chosen as a substitute for human hair and representative of a natural fiber. (My own hair is getting a little to rare to be sprinkling around) The results of that are a whole bunch of 'high speed' strobing 'orbs' posted further below. A couple of days later it was determined that spider silk, VERY common out in the woods, is responsible for the most impressive one's!

The most important thing to remember here is, YOU CAN ALL DUPLICATE MY RESULTS!


Photo above is a result of the light colored bath towel snap.


This photo above is from the dog hair sprinkled just in front of the lens. Look at all those 'orbs' zipping around! Long strands of spider silk are spectacular. Those kinds of 'orbs' appear to be going thousands of miles per hour. (below)


Here's another photo, below, of naturally occurring 'orbs'. Nothing more other worldly here than common dust.


Click here for some GREAT 'High speed' SILK 'ORBS'!!

Spider silk 'ORBS'

How to make your own 'orbs' :
Grab your camera with integral flash and a light colored linty towel and head outside on a calm night. Just give the towel a hefty snap above the camera and click away. The natural 'orbs' will be fewer and farther between so for best results look for them wherever its dusty.
I was informed that the center of 'activity' for the Wanaque 'Vortex' is where Rt 287 crosses the Wanaque river basin, and that it would be a dusty location. This is a major highway and should generate all kinds of nice crap to film as it falls down from the overpass.
If you disable your on camera flash and move your flash several feet ahead of the camera, the 'orbs' will go away. The longer the focal length of your lens, the further away you must move the flash to avoid getting them. Its only the particles highlighted by a strong flash between the lens and where the focus of the camera sharpens that cause most 'orbs'. The closer to the lens and flash, the more impressive the result.
One of the secrets to seeing orbs is to be able to adjust the gamma in the picture enough to see the more common one's, which will be very faint.

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Let me leave you now with this little song, sung to the tune of "Its a small world"


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