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December 25, 1999

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Image #1

A white saucer near a spreading contrail?

Lewisville, Texas

Answer: Plane coming in to land at DFW Airport. The plane alternately reflected the sunlight, turned and stopped reflecting then slightly turned and reflected sunlight again making it appear as if it was "blinking in" and "blinking out".  The plane caught my eye reflecting sunlight as I was video taping contrails for my research so I filmed it.  I watched many planes go through this process many times as they came in to land at DFW Airport.  This effect was not the result of some kind of "high tech" camouflage but rather due to the haze now present in most skies near large cities and even into outlying suburbs. (video still)

Image #2

Negative of "white saucer" in Image #1.

Answer: Plane.

Image #3

"White saucer" in Image #1 embossed.

Answer: Plane.

Image #4

"White saucer" in Image #1 solarized.

Answer: Plane.

saucer2.JPG (15925 bytes)

Image #5

Image of "white saucer" as it moved across the sky.

Answer: Plane. (video still)

saucer2lg.jpg (9308 bytes)

Image #6

"White saucer" in Image #1 enlarged.

Answer: Still a plane.  Creating a negative of the image, embossing, solarizing or enlarging it does not change the fact that it is a plane.

trail1.JPG (15226 bytes)

Image #7

Contrail that stretched from horizon to horizon. (video still)

Image #8

Same contrail directly overhead. (video still)

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