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December 1, 1999

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invasion2.JPG (10947 bytes)

Image #1

 More multiple objects near contrails.

Answer: Same flock of birds. (video still)

inv2lgemb.jpg (14772 bytes)

Image #2

More multiple objects in Image #1 enlarged and embossed.

Answer: Flock of birds.

inv2lgneg.jpg (14769 bytes)

Image #3

Enlarged negative of  Image #1 of more multiple objects.

Answer: Flock of birds.

inv2lgsol.jpg (14517 bytes)

Image #4

Enlarged Image # 1 of more multiple objects solarized.

Answer: Flock of birds.

objects.JPG (13408 bytes)

Image #5

Objects everywhere. (video still)

Answer: Birds are often flying around anytime someone films or photographs the sky or objects in the sky thus it is more likely images of birds and other naturally occurring objects will also be captured on film/video than images of  UFO's.

trail.JPG (11312 bytes)

Image #6

Glowing contrail. (video still)

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