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By Amy Hebert

I first began looking up and noticing the contrails forming over my town in October, 1999. Like many others, I became alarmed and concerned due to all the claims of "spraying", illnesses related to "chemtrails" and chemical/biological attacks on human populations. I felt the issue warranted intense and immediate study and began researching the phenomenon.

Every time I saw contrails forming overhead I photographed and/or video taped the trails throughout the day. I began tracking illnesses among school children in my town by obtaining absentee reports from numerous schools in an attempt to study any correlations between absenteeism and days with heavy contrail activity (found no apparent correlations). I spent many hours observing, photographing, filming and researching contrail activity in my area as well as around the world (I became somewhat of an "expert" at spotting contrail activity in satellite images because I needed the information to track this phenomenon).

In addition to research, I opened a discussion list and reporting center called "Contrail Center". People reported contrail activity in their area and I began matching satellite images and photographic materials with their reports. Subscribers to the discussion list shared their sightings, theories and photographs with others on the list.

The more I learned, the more I began to notice how the "chemtrail" theories were actively promoted and defended with such vehemence that it has begun to take on the characteristics of a cult. When I suggested to those studying the phenomenon that perhaps there were other possible explanations for what we were witnessing, I was accused of working for the government (well, I'm still waiting for my paycheck!). People I once considered friends turned against me all because I stressed the need for objective and thorough research and analysis BEFORE reaching conclusions.

Through my studies of contrail activity I have found the phenomenon more likely a result of the effects of pollution and other events than some government or alien conspiracy to kill us off. If one is serious about learning all sides of the issue, go to the web sites listed below and carefully review and consider OTHER explanations presented. Don't just jump on the "chemtrail" bandwagon and let others do the thinking for you. Check out all the information BEFORE reaching any conclusions.

As for "chemtrails"/contrails making people sick, I have spent many hours directly beneath these trails as have my children and others and have not become sick or suffered any ill effects. If you spread the idea that something in the sky, the air or the water is making people sick, you will find people reporting all kinds of illnesses just by believing they may have been "exposed". It's much like the old medical student syndrome where those studying about disease begin to imagine they have the same symptoms as the disease studied.

The power of suggestion can be amazingly subtle and effective. If I went around saying "chemtrails"/contrails make people thirsty, dozens of others would begin making the same claims. If someone said "chemtrails"/contrails make cats lick their tails, people would be reporting an increased occurance of tail-licking in felines. But where are the verified data to support these claims? How do we know anything in the sky is actually connected with events occurring on the ground? Why do so many refer to contrail makers as "spraying" when they don't really know if anyone is actually "spraying" anything? Referring to these events as "spraying" indicates a biased perception and lack of objectivity. No one has yet proven what those contrails contain therefore labeling it as "spraying" is actually an assumption rather than fact. I often wonder if the chemtales function more to dis-inform than inform and divert attention AWAY from logic we might otherwise explore.

We must keep our wits about us and study ALL the information available as objectively as possible. You won't find alternate explanations about contrails in magazines, on TV or the radio programs because they are boring and mundane. Sensationalism sells, truth does not. Try not to let sensational claims overly influence your reason and perceptions. Examine all the claims, all the information, all the evidence - over and over. Compare and reason. Above all, use common sense and don't let anyone use your fears against you.

Check out these web sites for alternate information:

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